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Install, Repair or Maintain the Air Conditioning in your home
ACS Air Conditioning Services provides a range of residential air conditioning brands and models as well as providing air-conditioning installation for all units. Our air conditioner installation is among Perth’s best. With a superior range of models our experienced consultants can provide advice on the right system to suit your budget and needs. ACS Air Conditioning Services has a team of dedicated service and installation technicians to carry out work to all brands and various applications.
Our job is to exceed your expectations. We understand the vital role air conditioning units play in providing comfort for your home. We also believe that each unit type suits different properties. Our selection of air conditioners is composed of models with various purposes.
ACS Air Conditioning Services specialises in selected major brands of air conditioning equipment and as we are not aligned to a sole manufacturer, we select the right product for each job.
Once we have installed your residential air conditioning unit, don’t forget that we also offer air-conditioning maintenance and repair on all units.
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How does an air conditioner work?

An air conditioner works like a refrigerator in reverse. In winter, it extracts heat from the air outside and brings it indoors. In the summer, a reverse cycle air conditioner will do the opposite, and cool and air-condition your home.
Air conditioners set new standards in comfort, ease of use, energy conservation and environmentally friendly climate control. They provide maximum efficiency while using environmentally friendly refrigerants, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and preserving the earth's ozone layer.
An air conditioner, unlike a conventional electric heater, realises efficiencies of up to 300 %, which means for every unit of electricity consumed, up to three times the heating or cooling output is realised. This makes an air conditioner a very cost-effective form of cooling or heating your home.